STEP Europe Conference, Luxemburg. Private wealth in the age of (Re)Discovery.

22 November 2022

Dr. Ineke Koele will speak at the STEP Europe Conference, to be held in Luxembourg on Philanthropy and Wealth Planning in a challenging environment, together with peers Jerome Barré from Paris, Marco Cerrato from Italy and Johannes Gassner from Liechtenstein.

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Special conference Association of Mediators in Tax Matters: 'Relationship issues with the tax man '

1 December 2022, Utrecht

Using the motto 'It takes two to tango, the Association of Mediators in Tax Matters organizes a special conference at 1 December in Utrecht dedicated to a delicate matter: "Relationship issues with the Tax Man".

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International Wealth Advisors Forum on the Professional Straitjacket

27 - 29 April 2022

Ineke is looking forward to the International Wealth Advisors Forum in Chewton Glenn, UK, where important developments are being discussed in this 'invite only' group of 48 lawyers, trustees, and bankers from all over the world who advise HNW international families on estates, trusts and tax law, to explore common concerns, exchange ideas and resolve challenges faced on behalf of clients.

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IMI Mediation Advocate en Advisor Accreditation (cum laude)


Ineke passed her assessment for the International Mediation Institute with distinction. She now is accredited as IMI Mediation Advocate and Advisor. What that means ? You can read it here below.

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IFC Award for Ineke Koele: Global Advisor of the Year Succession Planning and Trusts 2021 (Silver)


Ineke has been awarded by Citywealth and her peers the Silver IFC Global Advisor of the Year Award in the category Succession Planning and Trusts.

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The importance of Stewardship for Family Enterprises


This year, the National Congress on Family Entrepreneurship revolved around Entrepreneurship with Impact. Ineke gave a (live!

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STEP Webinar DAC 6 Directive on Mandatory Disclosure


DAC 6 in Benelux: The Challenges of an Inconsistent Implementation

On behalf of the Netherlands, Ineke speaks at the Webinar organized on 18 June 2020 by STEP Benelux on the challenges of an inconsistent implementation of the DAC 6 Directive on Mandatory Disclosure.

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The Professional Straitjacket Tight Suit: How to Stand Proud


At this year's International Wealth Advisors Forum, to be held at Chewton Glenn in the United Kingdom, Ineke Koele is moderating the session:

The Professional Straitjacket Tight Suit: How to Stand Proud

Where new compliance rules and ethical norms are imposed on taxpayers and their advisers all over the place, we undergo a substantial change in our relationship with (at least some of) our clients.

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The use of Dutch charities for US families


At the annual conference in Florida of the American College of Trust and Estate Counsel, of which Ineke Koele is an International Fellow, she spoke as a member of the Exempt Organizations Committee on the use of Dutch charities for the benefit of US families in order to avoid the very stringent Excess Business Holding Rules and other restrictions that are backed up with excise taxes.

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Honors and Rankings 2019


The year 2019 was a year of many Honors and international rankings for Koele Tax & Legal Perspecta. 
Legal Week has appointed Dr.

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2nd Annual Global Leaders Wealth Management Forum


During the 2nd Annual Global Leaders Wealth Management Forum, held in London on 11 September, Ineke participated as a speaker in a panel on Philanthropy: 

 While philanthropy is facing an ever broader range of criticism, for unsuitable bedfellows (BP, Sackler, Stagecoach, aso), sloppy management (Oxfam, Save the Children), for being unaccountable, for getting a free ride at the expense of the treasury (Arnault and Pinault), for oversized influence on research, education and health policies (Bill Gates), and for perpetuating economic inequality - traditional, disinterested charity (Wilsdorf style) seems a relic of a bygone age -, philanthropy seems ever more lively, diverse and innovative.

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Chambers HNW 2019 Band One ranking


Ineke Koele is first ranked in Band One of the Chambers High Net Worth 2019 guide, providing advice to high net worth individuals and families, charitable organisations and other non-profits.

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Steering Committee Wealth Advisors Forum 2019, Chantilly France

24-26 April 2019

Ineke has proposed a number of topics for the International Wealth Advisors Forum as she serves in the Steering Committee 2019.

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Speaker Conference Dutch Foundation Structures, Luxembourg

19 March 2019

Ineke will speak at a Conference organized in Luxembourg, on Dutch Structures: How to comply with amended ATAD II, UBO Register & CFC Rules' together with two Dutch colleagues.

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Global Leaders Wealth Management Forum

6 September 2018

Ineke Koele participated in the 'invite only' first annual Global Leaders Wealth Management Forum, held in Inner Temple, London at 6 September.

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International Wealth Advisors Forum 2018, UK

25 April 2018

On 25-26 April, Ineke participated again in the invite-only International Wealth Advisors Forum, a gathering of span style="color: #626262;">a select group of up to 48 senior wealth advisors and private client specialists from among the world’s most respected experts to meet and discuss the pressing

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Lecture for Amsterdam Medical Centre Foundation re Capacity


Ineke is speaking at the event organized by AMC Foundation on Capacity, and will discuss the risks of incapacity in relation to major donors of foundations following the case Broekhuis together with Prof.

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Speaker International Academy of Estate and Trust Law, Chicago


At the Annual's meeting of the International Academy of Trust and Estate Law, to be held in Chicago, Ineke will speak on Legal and Tax issues of Property rights of unmarried cohabitants.

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Dutch representative in Forum on International Wealth Disputes, Venice


Ineke has participated upon invitation for the 3rd time in the Forum on International Wealth Disputes, a gathering of 44 specialists from around the world that gather this year in Venice for one and a half days of peer interactions and mutual learning on actual issues in the area of international wealth disputes on inheritance and other personal areas of law as well as on tax disputes.

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Lecture 'ANBI Revisited' for endowed foundations, organized by ABNAMRO


At request of ABNAMRO, Ineke Koele will deliver a lecture for the benefit of a large group of Dutch endowed foundations how to meet the ANBI ('charity') requirements in the future and how to co-operate with the tax authorities in a fruitful way: 'ANBI Revisited and the art of future proofing of your endowed foundation'.

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Society De Witte, The Hague, keynote speech Beyond the Rules


On 27 September, Ineke Koele held a sharp speech in her role as chief editor Tax & Legal of the Dutch platform for Major Donors and Social Enterprises de Dikke Blauwe, in which she pleaded for a more holistic view on public purpose activities by wealthy families and their enterprises, foundations and government.

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Speaker at National Conference Family Business

08 April 2016

At the National Conference Family Business, Ineke spoke for a large audience on the need for future proofing of the Family Business.

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Invited Fellow of American College of Trust and Estate Counsel

15 March 2016

Ineke has been invited as a Fellow of the American College of Trust and Estate Counsel, a first for the Netherlands.

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Voted Dutch Expert on Social Enterprises by European Social Enterprise Law Association

6 January 2016

Koele Tax & Legal Perspecta has been appointed as the Expert Firm in the Netherlands by the European Social Enterprise Law Association, erected in 2015 at the initative of the London firm Bates Wells Braithewaite (www.

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Voted in 2015 Citywealth Power Women Top 200

6 January 2016

Ineke Koele has been listed in the 2015 Power Women Top 200 by Citywealth, honouring 200 of the most powerful women in private wealth, private client advisory and philanthropy.

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Panel Member Family Governance: Can you beat the 'Midas Curse' of Failing Family Business Succession ?

10 December 2015

Ineke contributed to the Panel 'Frameworks for Family Harmony and Next Generation Succession' during the STEP 2015 Special Interest Session in London at 10 December 2015.

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Chairman and speaker Erfenisvakdag 2015 on Private Capital and public added value


Chairman and speaker at the 'Estate Professionals conference 2015' this year focusing on the theme 'Private Capital and Public added values'.

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Panel speaker The Importance of Philanthropy in Family Business Succession


STEP and Philanthropy Impact are giving a seminar in London on 21 October 2015 on the components of effective family governance and philanthropy's role in business succession.

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Lecture University of Oxford 'Family Business and Philanthropy'

22 October 2015

Ineke has been invited to speak on the topic of Family Business and Philanthropy at Green Templeton College, University of Oxford on 22 October 2015.

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Interview ‘Terminate the vaporization of family business wealth’ and listing as top 30 advisor for Family Businesses

July 2015

Fambizz, the portal for Family Businesses, has listed Ineke Koele as top legal advisor for family businesses and published an interview with her, in which Ineke pleads for abandoning the traditional ‘top down’ perspective to family business succession processes.

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Voted into the DikkeBlauwe100, the most influential persons in the non-profit sector 2015-2016

June 2015

Filanthropium, the portal for the Dutch philanthropic and social enterprise sector, has voted Ineke Koele into the DikkeBlauwe100, with the description:

“Ineke Koele is by far the brightest Dutch tax attorney and inspired advocate for the maintenance and expansion of tax deductions for gifts for the wealthy; she is also the motor behind ‘Shared Giving’, a form of planned giving that enables qualifying organizations to boost their Major Donor fundraising programs.
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Speaker and Co-Chair Panel ‘Private Foundations vs Trusts: the Same but Different!’

20 mei 2015

At the International Academy of Estate and Trust Law conference in Florence, Ineke spoke on Dutch Private Foundations in comparison to other jurisdictions.

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Interview Family Businesses require multi-faceted perspectives by 7 Ditches TV

August 2014

Ineke Koele was interviewed for the Program ‘Financial Business’ by 7 Ditches TV financial journalist Janneke Willemse on her views on the Succession of Family Businesses and ‘lasting legacy planning’.

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Lecture ‘Family Business Succesion and Lasting Legacy Planning: the meaning of a family foundation to family business succession’

18 juni 2014

At the Estate Professionals Conference 2014 on Family Business and the Estate,
Ineke Koele spoke on how private foundations can be used to effectively avoid the decline of family businesses in three generations.

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Ineke Koele voted 'Best in Class' Private Clients

June 2014

A list of 30 most distinctive legal and financial advisors for Private Clients, listed by Fonds.

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Lecture ‘Mistake and Estate Planning in the Netherlands in comparison to the common law’

18-22 May 2014

At the annual conference of the International Academy of Trust and Estate Law, Ineke spoke on the Panel 'Mistake' and explained the distinctions between Mistake in (Dutch) civil law and common law jurisdictions.

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Lecture Cross Border Philanthropy: from landlock to non-discrimination?

13 February 2014

On the Conference ‘Taxation of Cross Border Philanthropy in Europe after Persche and Stauffer', organized by European Foundation Center in cooperation with Transnational Giving Europe, Ineke Koele lectured about her conclusive views on the best way forward, which is a more practical approach than the ‘normative legistic comparison’ induced by the decisions of the European Court of Justice.

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Lecture ‘Estate Planning 2.0', National Conference Estate Planning 2013

14 November 2013

During the National Conference Estate Planning Ineke spoke on her prospective vision on how ‘Estate Planning 2.

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Participation on invitation in the Forum on International Wealth Disputes

October 2013

The Forum on International Wealth Disputes is an intense one and a half-days exclusive gathering of peer interactions and mutual learning between 44 specialists in the world on the most actual and advanced topics on International Wealth Disputes.

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Panel Chair and Speaker 'Structuring at the seam of profit and non-profit: Philanthropy - impact investing - social enterprises'

4-5 March 2013

During the International Bar Association’s Annual International Wealth Transfer Practice Conference, London, Ineke chaired an international Panel on the rapidly developing topic of ‘Structuring at the seam of profit and non-profit’ where she also contributed on the developments in the Netherlands in comparison with contributions from Canada, United States, United Kingdom and Germany, 4-5 March 2013.

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Lecture ‘Actual developments ANBIs' and ‘The law on Giving’.

8 November 2012

At the National Conference on Estate Planning 2012, Ineke spoke on the pro’s and con’s of the recent tax developments in relation to charitable organizations also in comparison to surrounding jurisdictions.

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Interview in and Lecture at the launch of the 'Dutch Wealth Report 2012' , by Van Lanschot Bankiers

1 November 2012

Interview in and Lecture at the launch of the 'Dutch Wealth Report 2012', by Van Lanschot Bankiers.

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Lecture ‘Giving without borders – a pipe dream? The Dutch Experience’

12 June 2012

STEP and Philanthropy Impact invited Ineke to share the liberal Dutch experience with the London audience during a conference: 'Giving without borders - a pipe dream?', London June 2012.

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Moderator session ‘Current Issues on Philanthropy’ International Wealth Advisors Forum, Chewton Glenn

8-10 May 2012
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Panel member Seminar 'Purpose Funds in Tax law'

26 oktober 2011

Ineke acted as a panel member during a conference organized by Licent Academy at the occasion of the launch of the book ‘Purpose funds in Tax law’ (in Dutch).

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Lecture 'Where to Locate an International Charity'

8 June 2011

During the Monte Carlo conference of the International Tax Planning Association Ineke was invited on the trending location factors for establishing and comparative views on an international operating charity.

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Participation on invitation in International Wealth Advisors forum, Frankfurt

8- 10 May 2011

The Forum is an intense one and a half-days exclusive gathering of peer interactions and mutual learning between 44 specialists in the world.

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Lecture and panel member ‘Wealth on the Move’ Private Client Forum Europe

11-13 November 2010

During the Private Client Forum Europe Conference, Villa d’Este, Italy, centered around the theme 'Wealth on the Move' , Ineke spoke on recent developments and opportunities in the Netherlands in the international panel ‘Low Tax: the Way Forward?

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Participation on invitation in the International Wealth Advisors Forum, Switzerland

25 May 2010


The International Wealth Advisors Forum is is an exclusive gathering of peer interactions and mutual learning between 44 top specialists in the world.

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Lecture 'Philanthropy and Civil Foundations in Common Law Jurisdictions, European Foundation Concept'

11-13 November 2010

At the annual conference of the Academy of International Estate and Trust Law, Barcelona May 2010, Ineke gave her lecture on Philanthropy, Civil Foundations in Common Law Jurisdiction, and the doomed concept of the European Foundation.

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Lecture and panel member ‘Governance of International Family Enterprises’

25 May 2010

Ineke spoke at the annual meeting of the International Academy for Trust and Estate Law, Barcelona on the Best Governance practices of international business families.

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Speaker and Chair Session Conference on Cross-Border Philanthropy ‘

9 December 2009

Ineke spoke and chaired the session on 'International Tax issues of Cross-Border Philanthropy' at the Conference on Cross-Border Philanthropy, organized by the Academy of European Law/ European Foundation Centre, in Brussel, at 9 December 2009.

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Advisory Board and Lecture Private Client Forum Europe

12-14 November 2009

Ineke spoke at the Private Client Forum Europe conference 'Legal and financial planning in an era of economic contraction', held in Villa d’Este, Italy.

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Participation on invitation in The Wealth Advisors Forum, Barcelona

20-22 May 2009

The Wealth Advisors Forum is an intense one and a half-days exclusive gathering of peer interactions and mutual learning between 44 leading specialists in the world.

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Keynote Lecture, Conference Building Donors’ Trust in International Philanthropy

24 April 2009

Ineke was invited to provide the keynote speech during the Conference 'Building Donor's Trust in International Philanthropy, organized by International Committee on Fundraising Organizations, Amsterdam, 24 April 2009.

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Chairman session and lecture ‘Philanthropy – tax breaks and legal structures’

2-3 March 2009

IBA Wealth Management Conference, London

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Lecture Looking beyond the UK

12 November 2008

At the annual conference of the EAPG (now Philanthropy Impact) London 2008, on the theme : 'Looking beyond the UK: high level charitable giving from the US, Europe and offshore jurisdictions', Ineke spoke on the continental European perspectives, the Netherlands in particular.

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Chairman session and lecture ‘Challenges & benefits of global giving’

8 September 2008

Ineke lectured and Chaired a session on 'Challenges & benefits of global giving' during the IIR Wealth Management & Family Office Conference, London in 2008.


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Lecture ‘Freedom to flourish? Releasing the landlock for international foundations’

30 May 2008

Ineke was invited to lecture at the Annual General Assembly of the European Foundation Centre, held in Istanbul, 30 May 2008. She presented her lecture: 'Freedom to flourish?

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Lecture ‘Relocation of private individuals: the Netherlands, Switzerland or Italy ? A lecture delivered in cooperation with Filippo Noseda, Withers UK

27 March 2008

STEP Conference Amsterdam

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Lecture ‘Trends in International Philanthropy’

20 November 2007

Merrill Lynch Winter Seminar, Amsterdam

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Lecture and international conference at the occasion of the dissertation of dr. I.A. Koele ‘Removing obstacles for international philanthropy

12 November 2007

Instituut voor Nationale en Internatonale Estate Planning (INIEP, Universiteit van Utrecht)

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Lecture ‘Planning with charitable foundations for families’

18 October 2007

Ineke lectured on 'Planning with Charitable Foundations for families' during the European Conference STEP Society of Trust and Estate Professionals, Rome, 18 October 2007.

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Lecture Washington ‘The potential of Dutch Charitable Foundations for residents around the globe’

25 June 2007

Ineke spoke at the International Symposium on Cross-border charitable giving, Washington 2007 on 'The potential of Dutch Charitable Foundations for residents around the globe'.

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Lecture ‘Wealth structuring from a continental European perspective’

February 2006

During the Family Wealth Management Conference, organized by Campden in Geneva, Ineke held a lecture 'Wealth structuring from a continental European perspective'. February 2006.

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