The Professional Straitjacket Tight Suit: How to Stand Proud


At this year's International Wealth Advisors Forum, to be held at Chewton Glenn in the United Kingdom, Ineke Koele is moderating the session:

The Professional Straitjacket Tight Suit: How to Stand Proud

Where new compliance rules and ethical norms are imposed on taxpayers and their advisers all over the place, we undergo a substantial change in our relationship with (at least some of) our clients.

The intention of ‘criminalization’ is to change behaviour and awareness; however, it also has substantial adverse consequences that is not merely to be seen as ‘collateral damage’.

In this session, we will explore the pitfalls for internationally operating professionals, how not to unintentionally ‘cross the line’, how to stay ahead of the curve in a complex setting and the resulting dilemma’s such as the decision to wisely disengage clients. When do we stand proud and induce to swing the pendulum back?

•    A just culture in taxation versus criminalization of mistakes and negligence;

•   How to deal with possible foreign non-compliance?

•   Will tax avoidance be criminalized?

•   The rule of law eroded by the search for ‘moral taxation’;

•   Transparency of Aggressive Tax arrangements;

•   How to challenge new legislation? civil disobedience or (public interest) litigation

•  The role of tax lawyers – from brave wizards to obedient agents.


The Forum has been delayed from its original planned dates in April to October, due to the corona virus.