Assessment feedback on Dr. Ineke Koele:
She has a fertilizing mind, playing chess on several boards simultaneously, strategizing together with the client.
She is developing a suitable process, not a one size fits all approach, flexible, inventive, 'tool-erizing' the process of resolving cases.
She has a very good self-analysis, tools to deal with own mindset and emotions and empowering her clients, used as a tool to break impasse (coaching).
Systemic approach, using and working with the whole of factors, substance, psychology, interaction, actors, law, working around huge power imbalances and balancing these. Excellent ethics, used as a driver/ lens for actions.
Works with the other part and their lawyer as well as own client and experts (knowing how to use them optimally in the game)."
- IMI Mediation Advocacy Assessment February 2022
"Ineke did a very professional job in our family case. She is quick to understand, communicates very clearly and tackles the matter well thought out with perfect timing and efficiency. We have been very happy with the result achieved and can recommend Ineke to everyone."
- Citywealth Private Client Review 2021
"In a very complicated professional case, Ineke proved to possess a finely tuned blend of professional knowledge and empathy in order to reach the desired goals. Apart from her extensive expertise in the fiscal/legal aspects she knows how to slow down or accelerate in a professional process. As our case asked for highly delicate interaction with institutional and government agencies she showed she knows exactly how to play the game. An 'out of the box' approach combined with a thorough knowledge of the relevant fiscal and legal aspects makes her an excellent professional in her field in our view."
- Daniel Bos Bonnerman & partners bv
'Ineke Koele, is not only a highly skilled and respected tax professional with many years of (international) experience, but also an exceptional likable person with a remarkable eye for detail and negotiation processes. I’m lucky to have Ineke on our side for all important tax matters.'
- R.J. Wesselius,   Tupla Vastgoed B.V.  
"We do not, as a matter of general policy, extend reviews, either postively or negatively. In this case, given the resounding results achieved by Dr. Koele and the absolutely wonderful service received from her, we will break from policy to applaud her. Five stars are merited in all categories."
- Citywealth Private Client Review 2019
"She is establishing a strong name, has a lot of energy and a very good reputation."
- Chambers High Net Worth Guide 2018
"I think she is very creative. She is, I think, able to be analytical and creative, and she is a people person," says a Dutch market insider, adding: "As a lawyer, she just focuses on the client's interests and goes for it. I think she does a lot of complex international estate planning, a niche in which she is very successful. It requires a combination of expertise that few people have." Sources also praise Koele's work with non-profit organisations, with one commentator saying that she is "a particularly good practitioner in the charity field."
- High Net Worth 2019, Band 1.
"A true professional who allows her client to truly speak out. Ineke is able to provide comfort in delicate and sensitive situations. She provides clear advice and explanations and is able to have a complete view on the situation from different perspectives. While providing her recommendations, Ineke stays focused, but is open to a different view from the client as well and is able to switch approaches during the process without any judgement. Clear communication skills and swift follow-up make her a very pleasant advisor to work with."
- Citywealth Private Client Review 2019
“Ineke Koele has the great gift of combining a profound knowledge, not only of Dutch law but also of the manner in which clients with an international profile can make cross border arrangements work effectively, with excellent communications skills, embracing both lay clients and lawyers from other jurisdictions. I have really enjoyed working with her on a project which combined civil and common law structures in the context of a mix of private interests and charitable/purpose trusts and foundations.”
- Simon Weil, Bircham Dyson Bell, London
"A pure professional in her area of expertise. Has in-depth knowledge and access to a relevant network. She has the skills to analyze complex cases and to formulate a clear, comprehensive conclusion and recommendation. Results driven, with the right mindset to realize the best solution or deal. Open in her communication and swift follow up on pending issues. Good at teamwork."
- Citywealth Non-Profit Review 2019
"Ineke Koele's professional and planned approach ensured that the complex, international case she handled for me could be dealt with succcesfully. She did have to go to our Supreme Court to litigate on this matter. Ineke Koele is bold and persistent. The communication and reporting to me was pleasant, involved and adequate"
- Citywealth Private Client Review 2019
"I have a lot of respect for her creativity and grit. No challenge is too big for her. She always puts her clients first, is sensitive to their issues, and is result oriented. She thinks and acts quickly. She’s also an excellent communicator, whatever the medium, and she’s very convincing."
- Citywealth Peer Review 2018
"With passion and knowledge, Ineke approaches subjects from unexpected angles. This leads to creative and good solutions."
- Arnaud Wilod Versprille, Olenz notaries

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