Complex Estates

"Ineke Koele is very much specialised in complex international estates and dealing with the tax and legal aspects of those estates. She is super-specialised, energetic and technically strong." - Chambers Ultra High Net Worth Guide, 2018

The increasing wealth and size of wealthy families, the modernization of family and affective relationships and the increasing international mobility of persons and assets are amplifying the complexity of estates and turning them more often into objects of dispute. We integrate in-depth knowledge of Dutch and international tax law, international private law and estate law with current developments such as the European Succession Regulation.

Complex estates

Failing to make successful succession arrangements during your life creates a complex estate. The complexity can consist of one or more of the following perspectives:

  • Unintended legal or tax consequences that were not foreseen and may have been caused by "mistakes,” lack of planning, or different applications of international private law
  • In international situations: risks of double inheritance taxation and/or income tax of parts or all of the assets
  • Disharmony and estate disputes between the various interested parties in the estate

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Solutions for the affected parties

We will analyze the situation with you and scale it down to a strategic navigation plan. We will also pay attention to preventing disputes from arising or latent disputes from escalating. Our perspective is multidimensional: we combine estate law, tax law and international law, and look at different angles to find solutions that are optimal for all of the parties involved.

Estate litigation

When a legal dispute is no longer avoidable and gives rise to legal proceedings, Koele Tax & Legal Perspecta will handle the strategic case management. Our integrated expertise of tax law, estate law and a strong international focus enables us to fathom the most complex estate litigation cases. Analytical, innovative, result-oriented and with attention for the personal aspects "behind" the case.

We work according to the Anglo-Saxon model in tandem with a specialist trial lawyer who adds the perspective of the trial details, while we keep an eye on the broader strategic and legal perspective of the case. This enables us to stay on top of the parties' interests instead of getting lost in the details of the case. We run a tight ship without losing sight of the opportunities to end the dispute strategically.

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Complex estates

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