Major donor and estate fundraising

As a non-profit, you want to create a more stable base by raising new sources of funds. Major donors are at the intersection of private clients and non-profits and are a group that is yet unexplored in the Netherlands. We help non-profits tap into this market with tax-legal innovations embedded in strategic advice. Fundraising through the estate of wealthy individuals is a delicate topic where potential disputes with the family should be anticipated.

Major donor and estate fundraising

Major donors

In specific major donor cases, we advise on the design of the gift, grant, sponsor or partnership agreement that reflects the intentions of both parties. Tax optimized, of course. In the Netherlands, this field is still in its infancy, but has great potential.

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Tax benefits, visible results and income optimization

Many individuals have bequeathed charities (ANBIs) in their wills, but miss out on the tax benefits of lifetime gifts and the pleasure of seeing the results of their contribution. That is a missed opportunity. By only taking bare ownership of the assets and turning it into cash for your organization, you are guaranteeing that the donor will receive an optimal yield on the donated assets while your organization can look forward to receiving the major donor’s contribution right away. We developed Shared Giving to make this easier for ANBIs (

Major donor and estate fundraising

Other forms of win-win thinking that enable your organization to develop a meaningful relationship with prospective major donors or their children or grandchildren are among the possibilities.

Gifts and testamentary dispositions

Fundraising gifts and testamentary dispositions of wealthy individuals are also still in their infancy in the Netherlands. It can be very lucrative to ask your patients, visitors, alumni or other interested parties to add you as a beneficiary to their estate. But there are legal and also pragmatic issues that need to be considered because the testator's descendants may not be happy to find out that they are relatively less important than expected. Disputes between family members and your organization on the validity and interpretation of wills are predictable. To avoid damage in general and to your reputation in particular, it is essential that you map out these issues and act accordingly. If a problem does occur, Koele Tax Legal Perspecta is the perfect partner to address a conflict and make sure your interests are represented across the spectrum.

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