Philosophy and methodology

"The Art of Being Wise is Knowing What to Oversee" - Ineke A. Koele (freely adapted from William James)

Our goal is to open up perspectives to our clients so that they get an overview of what really matters to them. In addition to knowledge and analysis, this requires reflection and courage. We are powerful people with an open mind and a wide, inquisitive view. Our critical feedback makes you wiser and the analysis more focused and pragmatic. This solves ánd prevents problems. Because every client and every situation is different, our personal form of service is always unique; every client gets the attention they need.

Our way of working regularly gives us the role of 'conciliator', an active solver of seemingly conflicting interests.

Philosophy and methodology

Our basis is our thorough expertise in tax and relevant civil law; we make the difference by acting above the subject matter at a complex and international level with an eye for everyone's long-term interests. Our ambition is to co-create justice with our clients.

We proactively advise integrating different perspectives in analysis and attitude, such as business-analytical, just-human and socially strategic. By actively taking different points of view, we create sharpness in thinking; this can rub shoulders, but it is precisely at these boundary points that solutions can be found to determine the right course of action.

Although we are open-minded in the deliberative phase, we are very tenacious and decisive once the goal has been set, without losing sight of the context. Precisely because we set our goals so carefully, we are always accountable for our actions.


Our mission is to be a practical and sensitive partner to our clients, who see us as a beacon of confidentiality and wisdom. 

Modern and diligent

We work with the most modern Legal Intelligence and knowledge systems, digital files and speech recognition systems, and are always online with our little laptops. We travel by train and Brompton folding bike to avoid losing time. We have never had to fall back on our liability insurance at any time during our careers.

Philosophy and methodology

Our main office is in Deventer in the Twick, a monumental villa on the river IJssel. It's a haven that our clients enjoy returning to. We also have a representative meeting office in the centre of Amsterdam, on the Dam.

Specialist added value and collaboration

We "unbundle" legal services and only take on the tasks we know we can add the value of a specialist to. Tasks requiring other qualifications are subcontracted at competitive prices. When we do need the help of other professionals, we either turn to professionals within Koele Wire or work with your advisors. We're flexible and focus entirely on your case.

Extensive network of high-quality specialists: Koele Wire

We are independent. We only involve professionals from our extensive network of Dutch and international specialists if a specific issue requires us to do so. Koele Wire is an evolving network of the best professionals in their field and we select the professionals that match your specific interest.

Experience has shown that independent collaboration based on quality and strategy is the best way of achieving excellence. It's efficient, free of bureaucratic noise and the accompanying overhead, and unlike other outfits, you are free to work with whomever you choose.

Because we interact regularly with Koele Wire specialists, we are well informed about many national and international developments that touch on our niche area.

“Ineke Koele has the great gift of combining a profound knowledge, not only of Dutch law but also of the manner in which clients with an international profile can make cross border arrangements work effectively, with excellent communications skills, embracing both lay clients and lawyers from other jurisdictions. I have really enjoyed working with her on a project which combined civil and common law structures in the context of a mix of private interests and charitable/purpose trusts and foundations.”
- Simon Weil, Charles Russell Speechlys, London
Philosophy and methodology


Our fees are fully transparent and discussed with you beforehand. We work as much as possible with advance estimates. Alternative fee agreements are negotiable within the norms of our professional organizations. We do not compete on price; our methodology means that our fees are very manageable.

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