Private foundations: a solution for wealthy and business families

We use two main types of private foundations:

  1. Family foundations with a dynamic governance and a public benefit goal (ANBI Family foundation) that are run alongside a family (business).

    Read more: Family Business Lasting Legacy Planning.

  2. Private foundations that focus primarily or exclusively on the family and its active or passive assets.

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Both forms of private foundations are excellent solutions to:

  • Improve family governance
  • Strengthen the cohesion of the family and mutual trust
  • Prepare the next generation for their role   
  • Secure family values and principles for several generations (dynastic structuring)
  • As a neutral exit for family members wanting to cash in
  • As a safety net for family members in need (bonding)

A public benefit “ANBI” organization is also interesting in terms of CSR/philanthropy because it boosts the company’s image. It also helps plan attractive and exclusive family estates and reduce family disputes. It can also be a solution for difficult and complex international wealth planning structures that failed due to anti-abuse laws.     

We also use Private Foundations to protect the assets and create flexible tax exempt wealth plans for families that do not live in the Netherlands. Read more in Foundations and trusts and  Estate & Succession planning.