Corporate foundations

Expanding a company with a parallel or integrated foundation structure to bundle and expand potentially available strategic-social activities offers advantages from a number of perspectives: tax, legal, market-strategic, continuity, and human resources. We believe that this type of hybrid structure is at the forefront of a golden future.

Corporate foundations, hybrid structures

In order for a company to operate successfully in a transparent society, the way the company presents itself to the public is very important. The company can boost its image, for example, by partnering with existing social enterprises; the contracts must be looked at carefully. More and more companies are creating operational corporate foundations themselves that run in parallel to the company structure to create a meaningful relationship between company and foundation.

Corporate foundations can also be embedded in the shareholder structure, whereby the company and the activities of the foundation strengthen each other. Such structures create harmony, flexibility, tax advantages, continuity, and a strong position in the market.

Dutch private foundation

If the company is a family business, the private foundation bundles even more perspectives in the area of continuity and business succession, estate and succession planning.

Involving the different generations in the activities prepares the NextGens and improves the cohesion of the family. If the foundation has acquired a certain standing, it can also function as a control mechanism for delicate family issues and as a safety net for the family from which it receives its funding. The foundation can organize its own social activities, collaborate with other organizations, make social investments (impact investing) or create a social enterprise with a strategic goal.

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