Non Profits

Koele Tax & Legal Perspecta is recognized for its thought leadership in the legal and tax services it provides to Dutch and foreign non-profits, social enterprises and charities. With innovative advice and new perspectives, we primarily see the possibilities of improving tomorrow's world. In doing so, we also keep a sharp eye on organizations' 'license to operate'.

Ineke Koele is hugely respected in the market for her work advising charitable organisations. "She is excellent - I really recommend her. She is very intelligent, very hard-working and very efficient." Another commentator remarks: "She works with a lot of lawyers all over the world who make use of Dutch charitable foundations."
- Chambers High Net Worth 2021

Non Profits

We offer Advanced Advice and Problem Solving to foundations and associations, non-profits, public benefit organizations and NGOs in a broad range of sectors in the following areas:

"A pure professional in her area of expertise. Has in-depth knowledge and access to a relevant network. She has the skills to analyze complex cases and to formulate a clear, comprehensive conclusion and recommendation. Results driven, with the right mindset to realize the best solution or deal. Open in her communication and swift follow up on pending issues. Good at teamwork." 
- Citywealth Non-Profit Review 2019

Perspicacious Perspectives for entrepreneurs, individuals and non-profits

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