STEP Europe Conference, Luxemburg. Private wealth in the age of (Re)Discovery.

22 November 2022

Dr. Ineke Koele will speak at the STEP Europe Conference, to be held in Luxembourg on Philanthropy and Wealth Planning in a challenging environment, together with peers Jerome Barré from Paris, Marco Cerrato from Italy and Johannes Gassner from Liechtenstein.

Here, she explains how family philanthropy may contribute to the long term success of family business holders. 'Instead of sailing on a sea of riches, children can experience an ocean of needs'. The paradox is explained that only families with a culture of stewardship are likely to be succesful over the long term; stewardship is defined as putting service above self-interest.

It becomes clear from many international studies that traditional estate planning is a risk for families, as it mainly focuses on control, privacy and tax optimization. This culture is however destined to be desintegrative and non-regenerative in the future.