International Wealth Advisors Forum on the Professional Straitjacket

27 - 29 April 2022

Ineke is looking forward to the International Wealth Advisors Forum in Chewton Glenn, UK, where important developments are being discussed in this 'invite only' group of 48 lawyers, trustees, and bankers from all over the world who advise HNW international families on estates, trusts and tax law, to explore common concerns, exchange ideas and resolve challenges faced on behalf of clients.

As a Steering Committee member of the Forum, Ineke will be moderating a session titled the 'Professional Straitjacket: How to Balance Client Loyalty and the license to operate '.

With an ever increasing debate on the function and obligations of wealthy and succesful people, and simultaneously with an increasing challenging legal environment where privacy is threatened, the rule of law is eroded by  the search for 'moral taxation' and encroachment on the attorney/ client privilege, we have to add dimensions of the 'license to operate' to our dialogue with clients and occasionally, stand proud and induce the pendulum to swing back.