The art of being wise is knowing what to oversee



The importance of Stewardship for Family Enterprises

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The art of being wise is knowing what to oversee

Koele Tax & Legal Perspecta:

is an independent, integrated boutique tax & law firm founded by Dr. Ineke A. Koele with a focus on both Advanced Advice and Problem Solving for a range of Private Clients and Non Profit Organizations. Our clients not only need targeted, expert legal and tax advice, they also need a partner that can connect the dots and is strategically minded.

We combine our legal, tax, interpersonal and strategic expertise into unique and sustainable solutions for our clients' needs. 
Our perspective is both broad and deep. Innovative, personal and international. Holistic.

"She is establishing a strong name, has a lot of energy and a very good reputation."
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Three types of Appropriate Dispute Resolution and prevention: Negotiation, Mediation, Conciliation

The recent book 'The Paper Palace' by Maurits Barendrecht and Chabot makes an urgent appeal for a more enabling approach to law, referred to as a 'The Peace Palace'.


Shareholder Foundations of Enterprises: the North European style of securing family businesses for the long term In this article, Ineke Koele explores together with Rasmus Feldthusen from the University of Kopenhagen, how and why the traditional business succession system within family businesses needs to be reconsidered.

Enlarging Space for International Philanthropy Following up on her analysis on the topic in her doctoral dissertation, Dr.

Dutch foundations - ANBI or not ANBI With Brexit on the agenda, there is increased attention for the use of charitable organizations in the Netherlands.