Negotiation, Mediation, Conciliation; adequate conflict resolution or prevention of complex cases

31 december 2020
Negotiation is space search by using different lenses Although I have been a lawyer for 30 years, I litigate only occassionally. Read more »

Dutch Bill on Transparency Civil Society Organizations

14 maart 2019
THE BEGINNING OF THE END OF OUR CONSTITUTIONAL FREEDOM BY POPULIST SYMBOL POLITICS After several decades of research and practice in the non-profit sector, I have become deeply convinced that this sector forms the buffers of our democratic society based on the rule of law. Read more »

Social Enterprises in the Dutch landscape

16 augustus 2017
In the Dutch landscape, various forms of social enterprises exist and emerge from different types of activities. Read more »

The Broekhuis case: A question of incapacity ? Recent case of disinheritance of family fuel for ethical debate

10 mei 2017
There are increasingly more wealthy older individuals, living longer and often being in a twilight zone of mental (dis)clarity. Read more »

The New European Succession Regulation 650/2012: The conflict of applicable law resolved, but now subject of conflicts ?

15 juni 2015
There is probably no field of law that is more heavily dominated by the couleur locale than estate law and estate taxes. Read more »